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Astrological News: Blue Moon. The trendy definition of "blue Moon" as the second full Moon in a month is a mistake. What is a Blue Moon?

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Nowadays, a 'blue moon' is the name given to the second full moon appearing in a single month. This phenomenon occurs roughly every two and a half years when a calendar year includes 13 full moons.

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As this does not occur monthly like a full moon, the expression 'once in a blue moon' is used to refer to an event that occurs infrequently. What are the dates of a Calendrical Blue Moon?

It also happened to be a partial eclipse. But in case you didn't know, every full moon has its own special meaning, and the latest one is no exception.

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On April 19, a full moon in Libra is going down, er, up. First things first: A full moon is a phase of the moon where the whole disk is illuminated. Instead, it gets its name from Native Americans who noticed that this full moon brings the appearance of "moss pink" or wild ground phlox, i. The full moon in Libra is all about fairness, balance in the world, and your personal relationships, she explains.

Protest then brunch, anyone? And are you living your life the way you want within the context of your relationships, or is there room for improvement?

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Every sign will be impacted by the full pink moon, but Libra, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer will feel it the most, Page says. As a result, you may make a new commitment to put the most effort into the ones you really care about.

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