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Sun quincunx Moon in the natal chart suggests an individual who seems to live life constantly making adjustments and concessions. There can be a tendency to offer too much and then feeling taken advantage of. Passive-aggressiveness can be a problem as well. The native seems to expect that he or she has to make compromises in life in order to get what he or she wants, but in the process, undervalues his or her needs. When the native expresses his or her needs Moon , the ego balks. Indecisiveness is the result, as well as a tendency to be quite unfocused, tense, on edge, and largely unsettled.

The native needs to work on accepting both the Sun and the Moon in his or her personality in order to feel whole and to avoid sabotaging relationships and life goals with self-defeating attitudes. Adjustments that can be energy-draining are felt to be necessary and accepted as a fact of life. From the outside looking in, we might be puzzled as to why the person cannot fulfill the needs simultaneously. Often, the individual has no idea why this cannot be done, and might blame life circumstances or others for the problem.

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Some astrologers have associated quincunxes with health problems. This makes sense, because the way I see it, there is a lot of misplaced energy involved when the individual works to compartmentalize the planets and points involved in a quincunx.

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  5. The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology?
  6. Guilt and a sense of failure are often a by-product of the quincunx, and these can certainly contribute to health problems. Quincunxes show areas of weakness, in terms of low self-esteem, that others find easy to prey upon.

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    The individual, by not accepting the areas of life represented by the planets in quincunx, leaves himself or herself open to being taken advantage of. Quincunxes point to an area where we may have an inferiority complex. We have difficulty integrating these energies into our personality to the point where we are not happy with either energy. A vague sense of guilt is often the result, and this can undermine confidence with both energies. The key to handling quincunxes is, firstly, knowledge, and then integration.

    Awareness that the discrepancy lies within the personality is essential before integration can occur. Quincunxes can often make us feel that external events or other people are forcing us to separate, compartmentalize, or redirect the energies of the planets involved. We need to understand that it is, in fact, ourselves who are compartmentalizing.

    Circumstances with this aspect do not allow any retreat; nor can the person think their way out of it.


    This is one of the hardest aspects to work with. It is also the reason for poor health and is considered the most important aspect in medical astrology. Opposition : Symbol looks like a set of dumbbells—two circles at either end joined by a black, horizontal line in between them.

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    6. The Misunderstood Inconjunct | Astrology Cleveland;
    7. This is when two planets are degrees from one another. They are said to be in opposition to one another. This is considered a hard aspect that causes friction. Oppositions usually give one plenty of opportunities—whether you take them or not is up to you. On a less positive expression, it can mean a tug-of-war between you and the planets involved and confrontation is the order of the day. Oppositions will teach you about how to balance the energies of these two planets—and integrate them.

      Tales from Echo Canyon. Here are the major aspects utilized in astrology: Conjunction : Symbol is a circle with a single line sticking out the right side of the circle. Example: Sun 5 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus 10 degrees Virgo. This is a conjunction between Sun and Venus. They are 5 degrees apart from one another. They can be up to 10 degrees apart and still be influencing one another. Example: Moon 29 degrees Aries conjunct Mars 9 degrees Pisces.

      Aspects in Astrology: The Inconjunct or Quincunx

      This is a conjunction between Moon and Mars. It may also be triggered when your Aries container can no more stand your Virgoan pettiness, criticism, over-analyzing, and stuffiness. As with the Aries-Virgo critical dynamic, if you rise to the occasion and integrate these Aries qualities, activating them within a Virgo context, you can resolve the crisis.

      However, if you fail to integrate the Aries energy and act to resolve the crisis, you will only have to face it again at some other time, in some other way. The consequences of such failure can be increasing isolation through withdrawal from the world of action and bitterness.

      Studies in Astrology

      Rather than grow in selfhood, you may simply grow old in attitude as well as in body. As you become more and more the observer and more and more critical, you are in danger of succumbing to arrogance and self-righteousness as you see the faults of everyone else and view only yourself as pure. The transcendent dimension of the Aries-Virgo relationship lies in resolving the critical situation in such a way that you move closer and closer to perfecting your devotion. The essence of devotion is action undertaken purely in service to the Beloved.

      Real devotion is not an emotion although it may be accompanied by the most refined emotion but action. Movement toward the Beloved does not happen without will the perfection of desire and action on the part of the disciple. Such action must be pure and, thus, selfless. Perfect devotion is the culmination of the integration of Aries and Virgo at their highest levels of expression.

      Service and humility, combined with right-desire and right-action, are the essential ingredients if the critical dynamic of the inherent Aries-Virgo quincunx is to be resolved in a positive manner. Without these ingredients, the risk of failure in the critical situation is high. Aries and Virgo would then continue to be disconnected and pursuing their separate ways. Often, courageous action is required, tempered or guided by keen discrimination.

      If the risk is taken and if the parties act skillfully and appropriately, the critical situation may be resolved and the Aries-Virgo energies integrated and advanced to the next developmental level. Of course, all of the Aries-Virgo dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people. The depositorships of Mars and Mercury may also come into play. Uranus in Aries.

      Uranus is in Aries for the generation born between and The placement occurs again for those born from through early This combination brings to the fore the qualities of individualism and assertiveness among those born in this cohort. If you were born within this time period, you are likely to view change as coming about through individual efforts and the pursuit of self-interest. As adults, members of your generation established themselves in the aggressive economic environment of the s and early s, again reflecting typical Aries traits expressed in a changing environment. At mid-life in the late s and early s the individualistic values and achievements shared by your generation were challenged by countercultural rebellion and economic crisis.