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It covers forecasts of coming year and coming month. It helps in finding ideal mate. It also sells books that is claimed to change life.

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It provides free horoscopes and also a tool to find compatibility between two zodiacs. The site has some famous astrologers from India in their panel like Bejan Daruwalla. Topics covered on it are tarot, Chinese astrology, numerology, panchang and more. Mobile apps are also offered to help people access the site on their mobile phones and tablets.

Predictions, articles, astro fun and offerings are important part of the website. Astro Center website offers daily horoscopes by sign, daily planetary overview, current year reports and readings, featured reports, tarot, wellness, numerology and more. The site also has a store where it sells astro products at good deal prices and discounts.

The site is also made available to access on mobile phones and offers service through live phone advice.

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It covers topics on horoscope, astrology, numerology, tarot, Chinese astrology, vedic astrology, love and also astro fun. For astro shoppers the astro shopping section is worth checking. Other important topics the site covers are Feng Shui and your life, Nakshatra, free tarot reading, travel profile, weaknesses of astrology signs and many more. The site offers information on astrology, numerology, horoscope, palm reading, compatibility, love and more. It also offers match making, names correction and love test services.

The site too got mobile apps for iPhone and Android to help people access the site on their mobile. It offers Vedic horoscope, love or marriage compatibility, vashphal, gemstone analysis, career analysis report, finance and stock market predictions, birth time rectification, muhurtha and more. The website also covers important and interesting articles on astrology.

Leo 09 October. Virgo 09 October. Libra 09 October. Scorpio 09 October. Sagittairus 09 October. Capricorn 09 October. Aquarius 09 October. Pisces 09 October. Free prediction A horoscope, natal birth chart, Janam Kundli, is your life chart. Match Making Astrology consultation and remedies for accurate match-making solutions are provided; and also for romance, prediction, timing, relationship maintenance, love, care, child etc.

Health Upays for health problems, malefic planets, deficiencies, injury, illnesses, accidents etc are provided with positive results and cure in time. Career You can enhance your career, professional growth, business or job, at any stage in life. Kundli Dosha Solutions, remedies, cures for Astrology malefic planet conditions and bad-weak positioning of planets, astrology aspects etc in the Kundli is given in a personalized consultancy.

Latest Blog Keep yourself well informed by checking the below blogs that are related to some of the latest astrology events and updates, festivities, spirituality, modern day life issues etc, from time-to-time. How important is seventh day of Navratri?

What is the importance of 6th day of Navratri? Every month after new moon days are coun.. Trust Trust of years Trusted by million of users.

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What Clients Are Saying. Shipra Pandey. Ram Mishra. Pankaj Verma. Vishay Raj. Yashika Bajaj.

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Donate Now. For instance, when will I get married? How would be my future spouse? Will I have a successful and long-lasting relationship? Is there any possibility of divorce or second marriage in my horoscope? We at Astromitra understand your needs; therefore we have designed marriage horoscope to answer all such questions. Order your personalized marriage report and get great insights into marriage. New Year comes with new opportunities and new challenges as well. Making the most of opportunities and turning all unwanted challenges down is important to achieve the goals.

By having this horoscope you can seize every opportunity and defuse challenges. In this highly personalized horoscope, you get detailed and precise predictions on marriage, love, career, finance, progeny, health and foreign travel etc. Since of recession in world economy and rising competition in service sector, getting a dream job is one of the toughest tasks in life. However, everybody is destined with some very specific talent; therefore nothing can stop you from achieving what you want in career. Our career horoscope surely is going to be a great source of help you scaling new heights in your career as it perfectly reveals good and bad period in career along with some other useful things concerning career.

Finding a right partner is key step in having a long-lasting and successful relationship and married life. The future of a relationship not just depends on you only, but your partner also plays an important role. Matchmaking or horoscope matching might be required to assess several factors including innate nature of your partner, mutual understanding, longevity, capability of producing children, financial situation after getting married, a possibility of divorce etc.

Are you going through a financial crisis or worried about your investments? A loan is troubling you or suddenly your earnings have gone down? You are just interested in knowing whether you will become rich and have finest sources of income or astrologically you want to manage your money rightly? All-in-one detailed life horoscope covers future predictions on all important aspects of life i. People from all walks of life would be benefited as astrologers explain the things in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

By having this report in your hands, you will able to know the timing of probable event well in advance before its happening.

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Incredibly it is worth buying to glimpse into future. Love works like a magic and fill up life with happiness.

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Love is something every person should experience at least once in life. Being loved by someone or falling in love with someone can give great feelings and experience in life. But all of us are not so lucky to get a partner who loves us endlessly and unconditionally.

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Love horoscope is specially designed to predict all about your love life. Since ages astrology is a best tool to reveal all about your love life and soul mate. Recommending a lucky gemstone is not something that every astrologer or gemstone seller can do, it needs lot of pure astrological experience and professional skills.