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On page 4 of our Solar Returns Feature , interpretations of the Ascendant sign in the Solar Return chart, as well as the natal house brought to the Solar Ascendant.

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On page 6 of our Solar Returns Feature , the importance of the Moon in the Solar Return chart, by sign, house, and aspect. On page 7 of our Solar Returns Feature , comparison of books and suggestion of resources for interpreting Solar Returns. Note that you can create your own Solar Return chart with some key interpretations with my Zodiacal Free Chart service.

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  4. Note that astrologers work with lunar returns and planetary returns as well. I interpret Venus Returns here. A Solar Return chart can be read in as much detail as desired. Some key points to consider are as follows:. For example, if Aries is on the Ascendant in the Solar Return chart, the individual may approach the year with increased energy and enterprise, and perhaps with some impatience. Read more about the Solar Return Ascendant sign. This consideration shows us what natal conditions, or inherent personality issues, are highlighted in the year of the Solar Return.

    If, for example, you have a natal Sun square Mars, and the Sun is on the Solar Return Ascendant, perhaps with Mars on the Midheaven as well, we can safely presume that the Sun-Mars struggle or challenge will be especially highlighted in both a personal Ascendant and public Midheaven manner. These are transits that are emphasized in the year of the Solar Return. Where is it located by house?

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    We know the sign, of course, because it will be at the exact natal position. This can show a strong area of focus for the upcoming year.

    How to Use Solar Return Charts with Alison Price - Part 1 How to Correctly Cast a Solar Return Chart

    The house position of the Sun in the SR chart shows where which areas of life the individual wants to shine. The individual will take pride in this part of his or her life, and a big ego investment lies in this area. He or she has the opportunity to rejuvenate this area. What kind of aspects does the Sun make? See interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect. The position of the Moon by house and sign will show where your heart is, so to speak.

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    The solar return is a good way to get an idea of the year ahead, before committing to a more in-depth consultation reading. Solar return charts cannot be done without a birthtime. Please specify the location where you spent or will spend your birthday as the charts are location dependent. Also note the year you want the Solar Return for. I will then contact you with an estimated delivery time.

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    Please book a month in advance to ensure delivery in time for your birthday. Each of these changes the degree and often sign of the Ascendant, which in turn affects the signs on the house cusps and what houses the planets occupy. That affects everything from where the rulers of our natal houses fall in the Solar Return chart to where the rulers of the Solar Return houses fall in that chart. That's the primary difference between the Solar Return and our birthday. The birthday is the same each year, but the Solar Return changes each year depending on where we are, and is an exact point in time.

    Besides the Ascendant changing across time zones, there are often significant differences even within a time zone.

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    For example, Santa Monica and Spokane WA are both PST, but though on the same time, they have different ascendants due to their relative latitudes and longitudes. Both CST, but very different degrees on the angles even though their clocks read the same time. As this is a general form, please adapt the ritual as you need to. If at all possible, find a really peaceful or powerful place, like a park, lake, or power point in the area where you can still the body and the mind. Of course, if you have an altar, that is a great place to open to the greater Light available at the Solar Return.

    It's important to enter into meditation at least 15 minutes before the moment of the Solar Return, since that allows you some time to "get out of your own way. As you enter deeply into the receptivity of merging your individual Light with the on-going Greater Light, move into and stay centered in your heart. It is the source of all knowing, all illumination, all love, and all power in an individual life. Surrender and let go of your ego mind and your feelings, open to the highest and greatest Light you are and always have been, and allow the on-going greater light to illuminate your inner light.

    If you can, please try to hold this meditation at least 15 minutes after the Solar Return moment, since this can help "fix the energy" in your various subtle bodies. No, you don't have to reference your watch to make sure you're "doing it right.

    Birthday Reading (Solar Return)

    Because I like as much information as possible about the "meaning" of the year to come, I also consult various "oracles" at my Solar Return to offer me symbols of what my next year will concern. Sometimes I do this before the meditation, other years afterward. Examples of these symbolic messengers are the I Ching, Tarot, Angel cards, Animal cards, and other means to get a sense of the quality of the next year.

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    Mostly I suspect that due to synchronicity, these show me symbols of what's happening within me that will ex-press in the year to come. Occasionally they indicate external patterns, but again, these can never be separate from our power to choose which patterns we will embrace and which ones we'll ignore. So by all means, remember to calculate your Solar Return chart to get insights into what's been, what is, and what will be.

    March 30, Permalink. Tags: alignment, Angel cards, Animal cards, Astrology, attunement, birthday chart, heart meditation, I Ching, solar meditation, Solar return chart, Tarot. I've heard that the solar return chart starts six months before your birthday and last 6 months afterwards? Posted by: Andrew March 30, at AM. Hi Andrew - Whoever you heard that from doesn't know solar returns.

    Any chart is for a "frozen moment" in time. The solar return chart is done for the moment the Sun returns each year to its exact position at birth. Therefore the chart begins at that moment.