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I hope you found time to rest up and do just what you wanted to do for you are about to go into all shiny and new. With a candle in your hand to light the way. The candle heralds for you a potential time of good fortune, the opportunity for successful out comes. You are however responsible in your own actions once its light reveals what it is you need to know. An old myth is If a candle, or group of candles is blown out in one breath, it is a sign of good fortune.

Think blowing the candles out on a birthday cake after you have made a wish. To ensure this happened and wishes or good intentions were assured, it is said in the practice of wetting the finger tips to snuff out a candle flame — develop, no doubt, in order to avoid discovering any potential signs of misfortune. In Wiccan terms the candle is representive of Juno Lucina is a roman goddess who was invoked during childbirth to aid an easy delivery and healthy child; when worshippers called on Lucina, they let their hair loose and untied any knots in their clothing as an act of sympathetic magic, to symbolically loosen any hindrances to childbirth and allow the energy to flow.

We could use this terminology of childbirth in other areas of our life, such as creativity, or new beginnings. Very apt for the new year. Candle flames can also be used for divination and candle magic so when you are making your plans, light a candle and ponder your wishes whilst the candle burns. There will be indications around you that will provide information, via messages felt or seen by loved ones in spirit, visual images in dreams, words or key phrases will stand out in written document.

You are being asked to look at your life, or more your energy for it. Have you felt stressed out, is your candle burned out due to hard great demands upon you? However, you can be sure that if you are making sacrifices, for the benefit of the greater good. Your life will shine with radiance as a result of the sacrifices you make.

Magically speaking, you are being advised to focus upon the light that you carry and to develop ways of working that help not only yourself, but also those around you. The Candle card also points to utilizing candle magic in order to reach a great understanding.

Aries Blessing to you for the new year!

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For the Pentacle tells you to believe in yourself. You are happiest among nature, and have a yearning for old ways. You can bring nature closer to you by planting a wild plot in your garden, with herbs and hedgerow plants, work a little magic into your world. Your gifts herald back to times gone by, to your past lives and enable they you live in harmony in this one. Perhaps you need to balance your energies, in order to maintain sacredness in all that you do. This may be a good time to consider having a past life regression session. They are very powerful, and illuminating.

Key events in your past will give you potentially a eureka moment, and perhaps answers to your current day situations. The significance of this happening as your base card for , indicates to me that this is a key year when your past and present unite to give you all the information you need to make a key change year for you. The Pentacle is worn for protection by Wiccans, and is provided for you? Do you have pentacle or a protective ambulette? Also reminiscent of new year planning, Pentacle comes to you giving you strength in knowledge and courage to apply it.

Each point of the star represents an element, the uppermost point aspiring to spirit. Peaks — Be guided by your loved ones in spirit and ancestral roots. Troughs — Difficulty in standing straight your balance of ego and power is strong, so you may need to ground yourself. The Mirror — Perception. Lovely Taurus, you are so ready for ! Were you first out the door gasping for fresh air and action? If you were anything like the multiples of Taureans in my life? My friends and family seem to be born under this lovely earthbound sign.

The feet to my slightly dreamy Libran head. So, action is your word for this year, as well as change. People will see a very different Taurus this year, and take notice. But you will need help and guidance. Watch out world. The mirror is here to help you see yourself and reflect. Do you like what you see, inside and out? The next phase is reflecting a new rejuvenated, ready for anything you. Natural, honest and pure. This may see you looking at any vices you have and moderating your excess intake, at least f or the first part of the year.

Able to connect with your deeper self via all of your senses you will be calling upon your spirit guides. This year is a time of change or revolution, not resolution, for you, bought about by situations that occur around you, or that you have found yourself creating.

The fact this card remains as your foundation card for the year, means you can always go back and look in the mirror, anytime. Remembering that wiccan works very closely with nature, there are natural mirrors in your outside world, in rivers, lakes, the sea and puddles. And water is very healing and cleansing too, so the link with it being a naturally reflective surface, and purifying, is a bonus for you. Find a spot to swim in, and take in the view around you, take a photo of the landscape connecting to the water.

As you shine and reflect your true self this year, you will attract new friends and souls in to your life, this is both exciting and daunting, for it can be a little difficult to admit that some people or situations in your life may not be as you first see them.

You need to reflect your true feelings in such matters, and any negative energy they may send out to you. Your psychic energy and gut will guide you through this time. Cone of power — Energy. Gemini, oh Gemini, and breath for the new year is here and you too can now concentrate on the day to day. Already you are planning the nicer things to do next week, the only trouble for you is, how are you going to do it? For those plans need you to be focussed and will need some energy on your part.

Something you either have an excess of or very little. Like your Libran air sign friend, balance of energies is key this year. Your message for the year and support core, comes from the cone of power. For you it means harnessing conscious energy and applying it to your projects. Each one has a different job to do. All pertaining to your plans for the year. If you ever lose focus, just go into your Chamber of Cones, take a seat, and ask for their guidance and energy. You will know which one you need at any time of asking. I would suggest the first cone you use is the cone of replenishment and healing, to set you up for what is to come.

The second may be wisdom and intuition to plan your years wisely. Feeling energized and motivate you can use this energy for spiritual connections, maybe joining a healing group or finding likeminded friends to support you in this new time for you. But take care to rest and nurture yourself, during this creative and busy time for you could soon tire.

You could be noticed in your world, whether you want to be or not, by bosses, or team members who will be asking you to contribute some of that energy to them. You have a choice as to which projects and people you help. Powerful people, energy workers can have a tendency of irritability towards arrogance, egotism and irritability, so remain grounded and compassionate. If you need to ask for help if necessary, you have friends and people who are there to be asked.

The warning here is do not become self-absorbed during this time of the new year and your goals. People love you. Green man — Growth. Hello Cancerians! Blessed new year to you all. Cancerians are sensitive to change, and take it very seriously. So, the new year is no small thing.

Aries Love & Relationship Horoscope 12222:

Whilst your resolutions may not grandiose by some standards, they may be far more private and personal to you. And very simple goals. None the less for you, they are goals that could have left you feeling frustrated if outstanding from last year. Especially if other people were part of those plans. You are being drawn to Celtic roots with him, so if you have Celtic roots yourself, it may time for a trip to the homeland or to do your family tree.

The Greenman is strongly associate with the horned god, who we know had his birthday recently, and they share very similar, simple natural values. He guards mother earth and is the gatekeeper to her secrets. Importantly for you the Green man stands for fertility and growth, and for protection of the wild. Looking at your relationships where there are issues socially, romantically, professionally or with your own identity, you are being told this is a good time for communication, and self respect.

This is a time of union, reunion, and growth in relationships. There may be decisions to make as to which way you need to go but however you decide it is for the best and will result in growth for you. The Green Man stands for, facing fears, courage in self-expression. He also represents an opportunity to look at money earning potential and growth in financial areas. Your strength may be called upon, to protect those around you.

You may also find yourself supervising or managing a situation, socially or professionally. Anything from planning a party, or event, perhaps heading up a work project. It is suggested you develop deeper, more harmonious connections in relationships. You may also be focussing on your family and regain your connections with them. If you have the intention you will understand your world and the people in it much more deeply, reaping great results and movement.

On the other hand, boldness, courage, assertiveness is called for. By going forward with conviction, firmly believing in your actions, you will achieve results. If you are looking at relationships in your life, now is a time to take action, not wait for things to happen, go out and claim what you need. Peaks — Opportunity Troughs — Self-respect and respect for others. Greetings and a happy new year! Were you called upon to entertain your nearest and dearest?

Or did some of you manage to hide? Normally a very sociable sign given the choice, you do like to curl up under your tree to be left in peace sometime, to restore your energy ready for what comes next. Flash bulb moments. In dire straits where you feel all is lost, a resurgence with fresh energy will come to you. You will rise up ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

An innate wisdom steering you to find the right words, and know just what to do. Be prepared for your love life to get a little more passionate, with sexual intimacy being starred. So, if you are single expect attention and flirtations, mother nature has sprayed you with some alluring aroma. If you are attached, those connections could become more intimate, and if your partner picks up on your signals, enjoy.

In essence you will be in demand. You will find yourself generally more in touch with those you hold dear, and find yourself hugging and wanting to be near them. Your creative side or flair will really show now, you may start a new hobby, or revisit an old one. Is this the year you write that book? Or join that band? Whatever you put your talents too, it will flow easily. And also act as an outlet for any excess energy.

Embrace this sense of vibrant vitality, apply it to your whole life, for the serpent is also very knowing, and very sharp minded. Be brave ring the chances for the serpent guides the way to a new way of doing things. Peaks — High energy to be used with wisdom. Troughs — You may be nervous expressing yourself in any creative way.

Virgo, hello neighbour! Happy New Year. What big plans you have! Whatever it is. You may surprise some folk in the choice of direction you take. Nurturing projects started last year, bringing them to fruition mid-year. To help you do this you have Athame. I liken this to the Ace of Swords in Tarot. For Athame is steering you blade-tip first into the outside world, strong, courageous and assured. Mine is used to cast circles, and much like my wands to direct the magical energies during various Wiccan rituals.

But before you emerge from your home, you must prepare, and know where it is you are going with all this honed energy. Release that which disempowers you, all the stronger for having done so. Nurture, meditate, heal, dream and build your strength up ready for your mission. Aspire to create the world you wish to be a part of, for you are protected. Fellow Librans, how are you? Blessed may your new year be! Well talk about peaks and troughs for this Christmas, I had the highs of discovering I actually am my inner child once more, then felt floored the next.

Perhaps an overload of energy, that like a child needs to be managed better, or situations around me. How was yours? All I know is the first plan I made this year, was not to make any plans until I was ready to. Maybe our first target is to heal, restore and prepare? We have a new card. Ciao Aradia! Who is she you ask? A somewhat beautiful and striking Italian gipsy she was Queen of Witches, in the 14 th century and thought of as a daughter of the goddess Diana.

It is claimed she was born in a little town in Northern Italy, called Volterra in Some consider her to have been a female avatar, who deserved to rank among such famous enlightened teachers as Christ and Buddha. A blend of guidance from celestial beings with earthly happenings in helping you achieve your highest potential.

If you have felt like an outsider, or judged as different by others, do not change to fit in, or mute those aspects of yourself, for that which makes you different, is what will help you help others. Have more self-belief, self-confidence, and trust your gut knowing that once you focus on the path you wish to take, you will be helped. This is a time of necessary independence, that will not leave you alone feeling isolated or lonely for long. Peaks — Now is the time to claim your birth right — success awaits. Troughs — Review personal opinions and belief systems. Habits and prejudices will be challenged.

The Astrology of Your Wedding Day

Well hello Scorpio, how are you? Happy New year! You will be starting your new year as it ended. Perhaps a winter holiday in January but for now there is abundance around you and plans to be made. Then you can rest and contemplate your new year. Through her you will also have the healing touch as her energy flows through you. If healing is something you have thought of developing in this light-working area, you could do worse than develop these skills.

For there would be those that would benefit from this. A Reiki course or counselling role would suit your heightened connection to this lady. By grounding yourself, and working on your root chakra, you will feel that your energy coming through your feet, like the roots of a tree, taking hold in your root chakra, giving life and energy to your other chakras. The seeds of your dreams that maybe you thought had eluded you, have simply been taking their time germinating, and your plans and dreams will start to grow.

Work with moon cycles and nature, get a calendar that shows the pagan and moon cycles of the year. And your energy flow will benefit from it. Patience is called for, but be assured your roots are well planted and ready to grow. Gaia beats a drum for you step in time to, to breath in time to. Your bond with your own mother, living or in the next plane, is heightened here. Planet earth takes the esteemed name of Gaia, due to her connection with the harvesting of crops and plant life.

A life-giving force. Her name is still used today as reverential term for our planet. Gaia was worshipped as Delphi, and considered the greatest of oracles. Embrace her presence in your life, for she has chosen to help you at a time when the material and modern world of today presents its challenges to you. If you have found yourself stubborn or unable to accept help and support, see help and support from others to aide you on your path, and work to heal relationships. Happy New Year to you Sagittarius! Like your neighbour you too will have ended the year somewhat busier than you may have liked, with less emphasis on the social.

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  4. Well balance is the message for you this year. Socially you will find yourself ready to face the world again. Tired of the old, yearning the new, but what is the new? You are not recognisable as yourself as you started , and although you found this challenging and upsetting at times. Please know it was necessary to help you with your transition and development. All you have to do is believe in the version of yourself you want to be and it will happen. Easier said than done, but self-conviction and honesty with yourself will create a less painful path to your success.

    You have an inner and outer self, that were competing with each other, the inner being right but perhaps ego-centric, the outer rejecting the simple honest truth of yourself, and being too willing to compromise to form an acceptable version of yourself to present to others. These elements of yourself do not need to compete but blend and balance to create a settle, comfortable, fresh and genuine you.

    Equinox Message for the Signs

    Here to steer you through your life this time, protecting and guarding you the same time. The Lady rings the changes for you, has your mood changed significantly. She is keeping a watchful eye over you and can be called upon for help when you need her. My love of ancient Egypt means I work a lot with Lady Isis, her energy is so strong, and healing.

    And because of her link to the sun, there is an inner solar heat source that you can tap into when you need it. Try an Isis meditation. Energy shifts, emotional developments and break throughs are abounding. Feeling routed to the ground, yet connected to the divine you are able to speak and act for yourself from a place of strength. You are a force of nature, and your words and actions will have power too. Beware how you use them, for they have consequences too.

    Take this time to ensure that the path you are on, your life as it is, the direction of life is all that you want it. For the lady guides you throughout this year in an earthbound, honest, and courageous way. Ready for a bigger kind of love? Travel, learning and luck expand your horizons Prepare for career transformation. Good things want to come your way and this includes a bigger love experience thanks to Venus entering your 9th. Call this a double-dose of lucky love freedom. Travel, benefits from this, people and businesses from overseas — including that fascinating stranger, could feature.

    The mundane and boring drains you this week so shake things up. That love extends to loving what you do and the monetary rewards and recognition which can flow from this. Your 10th is all about reputation, how far and how high you can climb and people in positions of authority and power. You may be thrust into a position or power or meet influencers who get your vision. This day also sees Jupiter square Neptune in its ruling 12th.

    Note both planets here are in their rulerships. Provided you know where you are going and what outcome you want, a lucky career break, promotion or recognition could be heading your way. You are set to step into a powerful and self-empowered transformation now. Rewards for sticking to your crystal wands over the long-haul could just come calling. And also rewards for those long-term efforts. Get ready to collect as doors open wide around romance and recognition. Mountains are revealed to be molehills and this week offers you the opportunity to crush some when it comes to what lies between you and career success and freedom.

    If you believe what is between you and your goals is insurmountable or impossible to circumvent, then that is what you will continue to see. The long term gets overturned as you aim for freedom and success. You also have Jupiter paying this house a visit for the first time in 12 years. As Jupiter makes a reality-check angle to Neptune in your goals zone the way forward — or your perspective is revealed or changes.

    Living without purpose or passion is just no longer an option. Shared money, loans, mortgages, your salary and above all, your values, will be up for discussion and negotiation. If you have recently started seeing someone, passion deepens and moves to the next level. In fact, love is the great moving force for you this week. Move on up, Taurus. In a nutshell: Watch how what you believe stands between you and your goals crumbles or gets cut down to size. Love is the great moving force for you this week.

    Follow where it takes you, Taurus. Lucky in love? Venus enters your 7th this week and you also have Jupiter in here too. Travel, money matters, foreigners benefits via others, big business, mass media, academia and the law are areas highlighted for you. This week asks you to aim high. Or to create a joint vision that you both want to attain. If a romance begins now expect it to hot up quickly as you have a slew of planetary activity in your passionate 8th.

    Pluto which rules this house meets the Sun pointing to a beneficial and powerful transformation as Mercury and Saturn also meet here. Joint finances, career rewards or even a loan being agreed boost your stock in more ways than one. Know the result you are aiming for from any negotiation now and that those who ask for what they want almost always get it. In a nutshell: Love is literally all around you now, Gemini. Get lucky this week. Changes and transformations around a key relationship or even your career are set in motion this week thanks to the Sun meeting Pluto in your 7th and Mercury aligning with Saturn.

    Time to commit or get serious and this cuts both ways as all transits do. Putting a ring on it is possible or signing on the dotted line when it comes to a work contract. Work and wellbeing matters loom larger. You have both planets which rule pleasure and indulgence in your 6th now as Venus sashays in here from the 7th. Any tendencies towards doing things to excess and that includes eating and drinking, need to be monitored.

    The same goes for not concentrating on the task at hand and imagining yourself elsewhere. Most likely somewhere warm, exotic and far far away. You do have two things working for you here however. Venus may hate exercise or the mundane but it rules aesthetics. So Venus wants you looking and feeling your best. Jupiter rules sports and the outdoors so you could be motivated to get moving. Above all, this pair in here allows you to create the best possible impression with bosses, potential bosses and co-workers.

    That lucky break, offer, or abundance blanket could be on its way. Stay in the moment and look for opportunities right where you are. In a nutshell: Get serious about a relationship, a career path or your commitment to a vision for your future. If not — freedom and the track to something new opens up. Romance, fun and creative self-expression are yours Amp up that attraction factor Weave a little magic. Freedom and fabulousness.

    Flirty charm and romance. Plummeting headlong into fun and pleasure. Sounds like Venus in your 5th house. There are two periods during the year when our capacity to attract — love, money, possessions, good times — is at its peak. One of these is when Venus is in its ruling 7th. The other is when it is in our 5th. But you have this aspect supersized. The reason — Jupiter is also in here and will remain so until December. Attraction is amplified until December but consider Venus in here those extra sequins on your spangly attention-getting outfit. You have a confidence and also a playfulness that is going to be difficult to resist now.

    Creating the best first impression or approach? Whether romance or business is on your mind — you got this. Follow your intuition and inspiration now as creativity merges with karmic romance and destiny. Your gut feeling could lead you to the right place and the right connection. Good times may be yours to explore as may be lucky breaks and gaining show-stopping attention for what you do — or just what makes you special. Powerful aspects could transform your work path, your studies, your routine and even your wellbeing.

    Being organised and structured around these themes and being prepared to work and do what needs to be done is important now. Do the work because you know play and pleasure is waiting for you afterwards. Take care of your diet, yoga is also good for you now. Work success or a new job could await if you have laid the right foundations.

    Success is all part of your attraction factor now. In a nutshell: Radiate and attract back in kind. What you put out there is pulled towards you. Get creative, Leo. New beginnings and rebirth bring fresh starts Upgrade your lifestyle Romance has a karmic tinge. Who you live with, where you live and that place that resonates with your soul are in focus this week.

    As you know, you have Jupiter in your 4th of family, home and long term paths until December. This week Venus moves in bringing benefits through your home, a family member or even women via your career, the opportunity to beautify your surroundings or to undertake home or lifestyle upgrades. Moving to a bigger, better home is one way this could occur as could redecorating.

    Others could benefit via a roommate or someone they live with — perhaps a partner. Who do you belong with? And where? Remember, this may not be the family we are born into but the one we create for ourselves. If you have been dreaming of moving elsewhere — be it to another neighbourhood, town or even country, now is the time to explore those possibilities.

    Any shift should be beneficial now. Ruler Mercury meeting Saturn in your 5th favours long term decisions when it comes to love or children. Some of you may upgrade your living space due to family expansion. This week also sees a powerful creative meeting between the Sun and Pluto also in your 5th. As well as the possibility of a birth, this could see the birth of a creative project or venture, recognition for what you alone can do or the start of an intense and possibly karmic—tied romance.

    Magnetic meetings and opportunities are heading your way. Get out there — and watch success intensify. In a nutshell: Who you live with, who you call family and where you feel you belong, brings you a renewed sense of security. Children and romance also feature in new beginnings, Virgo. Ruler Venus is on the move into your 3rd this week — joining Jupiter in here.

    Love, romance, beauty, freedom — and yes, truth — all these fuel your conversations now. Expect opportunities to flirt. This is an excellent time for business, getting that new job or pushing forward with that project or message. See every encounter as an opportunity to engage and connect from the heart, and people will respond in kind. Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life as well you know, so business should be booming in more ways than one. Use any financial gains that may be coming your way to add to your security in the long term.

    Four planets remain in your 4th of home, long term career and security — the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury and Saturn meet in here which could bring you news that cements your future. While the Sun and Pluto also meet in here pointing to a powerful and beneficial move. If you seeking to regenerate in a new home, area of even career reinvention, this week aligns you to those changes. Major transformations could occur around your most intimate emotional relationships. I n a nutshell: The power of ideas and the magic of words are your superpowers now.

    Watch how they transform your world — and bring you big benefits. Leave no heart untouched this week. Venus enters its ruling 2nd this week — joining Jupiter in here. Later this year you will enter another cycle where not only your money but your values will be increasingly important. This week allows you to do the ground work for that. How you think of money is going to be every bit as important as how much you have. What does it buy you? In fact, with your bank account set to increase, focussing on the choices it creates and the experiences it can buy you, is the way to ensure gains add value.

    This can lean towards a deeply spiritual new love connection as you have Neptune in your 5th. Today is a day for peace and quiet.


    Therefore, it will do you two good to maintain it that way. All is well in your love life. Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links. Get your birth chart based on your birth date. Are you manglik? Avoiding struggles with the higher officer during this year will maintain unity at your work place and further progress also will be seen in the year of This year will bring a whole load of evolution in business, as seen in Pisces career and business horoscope If you keep working hard you will be loved by everyone at work Fresher and people seeking for new jobs during this year have strong possibilities of finding jobs and those having jobs already will get salary increments, higher costs and bonuses.

    Placements of jobs will be at reputed organizations. Your career is going to be very bright this year. Make good and right decisions so that it proves to be beneficial for you and the whole business. Maintain your finances very carefully. Spend on things that are really required. This is going to be the best year for change in designation for you.

    You will be blessed in abundance. If you are trying your hands on a new business, you may succeed in it. Your business may grow this year and there is scope for expansion as well.